A Pioneering New
Hydraulic Seawall Application

The EcoWave System

  • Protects Shorelines

    Patent-pending program absorbs, reduces and manages oncoming wave energy.

  • Cost Effective

    Significant reduction in installation time and materials.

  • Environmentally Sound

    Promotes the growth of sea life, waterfowl, hatchlings, and seagrasses.

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A Cost Effective Solution

By using precast concrete forms, locking together in tongue and grooved 8’ sections, the ECOWAVE System can be installed as a bulkhead or breakwater in hours versus days for typical rock or seawall systems. A 3,000 foot project would be completed in a few months compared to a year or more using traditional techniques.

the patent-pending ecowave system works to create a wavescape as a bulkhead or a seawall

8’ long, precast concrete sections can also meet together in various heights at the top in a tongue and groove lock. The wave face has energy absorbing ports that allow some wave energy to pass through while disrupting the higher energy forces. The resulting low energy wave on the inside or back side allows for continued natural environmental activity.

When used back-to-back this wavescape allows the natural spray from the waves to deliver the beneficial nutrients to shoreline protecting grasses while reducing the damaging full-force action to dunes, beaches and private property. Basically a speed-bump for the waterway.

The EcoWave System In Action

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